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Satya Karma Incense

Satya Karma Incense

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Satya Karma incense sticks try to promote a happy, upbeat atmosphere and way of thinking. These incense sticks create a floral, gentle smell when they are burned. All of Satya's incense is made using the traditional masala method and premium components. The most authentic-smelling incense sticks are made using this procedure, which has been used for generations.
Karma incense sticks are primarily used to draw favorable karma to you for a better life. These incense sticks are made with premium herbs, spices, essential oils, and fragrances. These incense sticks are burned to provide the ideal atmosphere for spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer. It encourages a sense of stability, security, and harmony in daily life.

It aids in the development of an optimistic outlook on things in general. Burning Karma incense sticks releases a smoke that clears the air, disperses subtle uplifting energy, and chases away low vibrations. As Satya incense sticks are created using artisanal methods that have been used for generations and only natural, beneficial ingredients, they have no adverse effects.

  • Great to burn during meditation
  • Slightly sweet, musky, and floral
  • Aids in self-realization
  • Promotes a calm atmosphere
  • Made in India
  • Each pack is 15 grams (12 sticks in each pack)
  • 12 packs in a box


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