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Zen Meditation Incense

Zen Meditation Incense

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Zen Meditation premium incense sticks, handmade in India from natural ingredients. These incense sticks provides a refreshing and calming fragrance that still the mind. They are excellent for burning during meditations.

  • Charcoal free incense sticks
  • Burning time 45-50 Minutes
  • Handmade in India from 100% natural ingredients
  • Environment friendly 

Incense has been used for centuries as a method of cleansing, to help with meditation, and to surround your space with a beautiful scent that is free from harsh chemicals and additives. To use incense, place it in an appropriate incense holder (or something that is heat proof) and simply light the tip. Once a flame appears, gently blow it out so that it is left to slowly burn. Some people are sensitive to some scents or the smoke that is released, even though it is very minimal. If this happens, just place your holder on a higher shelf.

You will receive: one package with 12 Incense sticks.


Please allow 5-7 days for processing. Your item will be shipped via USPS if your US based.

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