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Fleur de Vie -Zen Meditation Incense

Fleur de Vie -Zen Meditation Incense

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Fleur de Vie Tree of Life incense is a representation of the tree of life, a large tree with roots and branches enclosed in a circle. The roots of the tree almost mirror the spreading branches, providing balance and symmetry.

Over the ages, various interpretations of the Tree of Life symbol have arisen, but the fundamental elements remain: a flourishing tree with strong roots contained within a circle. This incense provides a deep transformation and awakening in our consciousness of Connection, Strength, Growth, Singularity, Rebirth, Family, and Tranquility.

A blueprint for all of creation can be found in the flower of life. The emblem can be seen in the temples of various ancient civilizations, including Egyptian and Indian. However same symmetrical emblem can also be seen in Greece, Israel, Japan, and China. It is the most basic type of time and space. Her sacred geometry is a potent spiritual emblem rich of mathematics that may be found in many esoteric societies. She is currently well-known for her use in the New Age movement and symbolizes oneness consciousness with her 19 circles.

12 sticks per pack


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