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Tourmaline Quartz Palm Stone

Tourmaline Quartz Palm Stone

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♥ Balances opposites ♥ Grounding

The characteristics of both tourmaline and clear quartz crystal are combined in tourmaline quartz. As Quartz enhances energy directed via it, Tourmaline cleanses one's own energies and shields from negativity. Tourmaline Quartz is a potent shield stone as a result of this combination. Depending on the user's chosen intent, it can either amplify and reflect back bad energy, acting as a mirror spell, or it can transform the negative energy into positive energy for the wearer.

Tourmaline Quartz, a powerful grounding stone, fortifies the body's energy barrier against invasion from the outside and deflects harmful environmental influences. It effectively resolves issues and is frequently viewed as a symbol of unity. It releases tensions at all levels and gets rid of ingrained patterns that are or may have been damaging in one's own life. We can employ its freeing power over negative energy to help us actualize the fortitude required to defuse tense or negative relationships and circumstances. Yin and yang forces are balanced by tourmaline quartz. Positive thoughts and energies are transformed into negative ones by harmonizing divergent and opposing aspects and polarities. It lessens self-sabotage psychologically by integrating and healing the shadow energies. It harmonizes the chakras, subtle bodies, and meridian systems.

Tourmaline Quartz is utilized to cure digestive tract issues and detoxifies the overall body.


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