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Septarian Sphere

Septarian Sphere

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A very grounding stone, septarian helps you feel like your feet are securely set and provides you the strength to keep going no matter what obstacles you encounter. It enables you to have patience in every circumstance and to be more tolerant of others around you. Septarian will boost your self-assurance and is especially beneficial for people who give public speeches or need to convince a larger audience of their points. It will enable you to speak with confidence and, as a result, engage and hold the interest of your audience.

Septarian is  a stabilizing stone that promotes increased emotional openness, tolerance, and patience. When focused on during meditation, it helps the body repair itself and can reveal the underlying reason of an ailment. When held for a while, septarian can absorb your energy and, when needed, transmit it as strength.

Septarian Physical Healing – Aids in the relief of joint pain, the healing of wounds, especially bruises, the reduction of muscular and skeletal aches and pains, and the reduction of nightmares and night terrors.


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