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Rough Pink Tourmaline Stone

Rough Pink Tourmaline Stone

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Single Rough Stone

Healing Properties

The abundant therapeutic abilities of pink tourmaline are well known. It is known to have the power to soothe and calm the mind, as well as mend the heart and emotions. Another assertion about pink tourmaline is that it encourages optimistic thinking and relieves stress and anxiety.

As it promotes collaboration, understanding, and compassion, Pink Tourmaline is also frequently used to support relationships, both personal and professional. A potent stone for protection, particularly from psychic assaults, is claimed to be pink tourmaline. The aura is considered to be protected, and it is said to facilitate communication with one's higher self.

Metaphysical Properties

The therapeutic characteristics of pink tourmaline crystal make it a fantastic choice for the heart chakra. It can aid in the discharge of any emotional trauma that may have been held in the body as well as in the promotion of feelings of compassion and love. It is also known that pink tourmaline can aid with addiction and compulsive behavior.


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