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Rough Citrine Stone

Rough Citrine Stone

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Choose between a single rough stone or a scoop of randomly sized rough citrine.

Can be used with a crystal cage and necklace or standalone.

Healing Properties

Every aspect of life is energized by citrine. It expands the intuition and purifies the chakras. Wealth, success, and prosperity are attracted by citrine. It spreads happiness, amazement, delight, and zeal. increases confidence and self-esteem. strengthens the intellect by stimulating the brain. Citrine enhances self-expression, inspires motivation, and sparks creativity. improves focus and reenergizes the mind. Negative qualities, despair, fears, and phobias are released. emotional equilibrium.

Citrine is energizing and rejuvenating, and it also helps to correct chemical imbalances in the body and reverse degenerative disease. It stimulates the spleen, pancreas, and digestive system, all of which are helpful in the treatment of diabetes. eliminates bladder and kidney infections. Citrine improves vision, stimulates blood flow, cleanses the blood, stimulates the thymus, and regulates the thyroid. constipation is relieved, and cellulite is eliminated.


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