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Rhodonite (7inch) Point Obelisk

Rhodonite (7inch) Point Obelisk

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The Rhodonite, also referred to as the "rescue stone," is one of the gem industry's most potent heart chakra stones. The benefits of rhodonite support feelings of compassion and forgiveness, two qualities that are crucial for the development of unconditional love. Your fears, which might occasionally be covered up by negative emotions like rage, jealously, or resentment, can be released thanks to this medicine's potent heart-based component. You will, however, always view life through rose-colored glasses if you are in the company of its potent love vibrations, which radiate through an intense pink hue.

The powerful stone rhodonite can help control and suppress anxiety. 
This stone is a calming stone that can be touched in times of hardship and will "hold you" in times of need.  It will fortify your resolve and demonstrate your inner fortitude in the face of what you might consider to be your weakest circumstances. 
We advise everyone who battles depression, anxiety, or lack of self-confidence to always carry a piece with them.



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