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Ocean Jasper Tumble Stones

Ocean Jasper Tumble Stones

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Ocean Jasper emits a lovely aura of reliability and tranquillity. It promotes confidence in oneself and independence. It also motivates us to seek out and develop decent people who we can rely on for assistance when necessary. Ocean Jasper is particularly beneficial for anyone who works with kids or teenagers and needs to be a trustworthy and knowledgeable adult. It encourages us to take worries and fears seriously rather than brush them off. It promotes constructive problem-solving for both large and minor issues, and it supports handling issues head-on rather than delaying action in the hope that they would magically disappear. When we are dealing with our own inner-child, who can have emotional wounds that haven't been properly handled, Ocean Jasper is also highly advised. In order for our inner child to feel safe and be able to recover, Ocean Jasper challenges us to provide it with the love and support it needs. No of who we are working with, Ocean Jasper serves as a reminder that acting appropriately is equally as important as feeling empathy.


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