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Mini Garnet Sphere

Mini Garnet Sphere

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Are you looking for a crystal to keep you stable and safe as you perform your spiritual work? If yes, you should get this Gentle Grounding Mini Garnet Sphere. Such exquisitely safeguarding, relaxing, and stabilizing energy emanates from this sphere. The Root Chakra stone of garnet gently grounds and balances you while bringing your spirit home. It gives you a feeling of security and enables you to combine the wisdom of Spirit with the wisdom of Earth. This stone bestows grace and strength, enables you to conquer obstacles with ease, and acts as a strong anchor to Mother Gaia. After a spiritual journey, it's a particularly strong technique to use because just one touch pulls you back to your physical self. The garnet sphere emits energy. This Garnet sphere is the ideal altar piece or meditation tool since it emits energy in all directions because of it's sphere shape.



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