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Large Lepidolite Stone

Large Lepidolite Stone

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Lepidolite has a few different names, all of which speak to its sense of gentle nurturing and capacity to ground the soul. Lepidolite is a great stone for removing obstacles and guiding you to a location where you can establish a connection with your higher self. It is a crucial amulet to have on hand when dealing with difficult transition or while trying to combat anxious feelings and rising tension.

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Physical Healing Properties

  • Protects from EMFs
  • Can help regulate menstrual cycle

Lepidolite performs wonders on the physical body in addition to being a dream for treating emotional hyperactivity. Lepidolite can help your immune system flourish by providing you with a wealth of support. Lepidolite, a stone that is known for lowering stress levels and anxiety, also works to ensure that the nervous system is in perfect balance so you can handle everything that comes your way. The soft joyful stone also reduces the negative effects of electromagnetic smog, driving the smog away so you stay safe and don't feel like you're navigating through a thicket of emotional fog. Lepidolite has also been reported to relieve neuralgia and sciatica pain. Additionally, it is said to lessen Alzheimer's-related issues.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • Can stabilize moods
  • Helps us to restructure behavior patterns

Lepidolite, as previously noted, is a very stabilizing stone, and as a result, its energy is wonderful for restoring  and total emotional recovery. When our emotions are out of balance, we may feel helpless to get off life's rollercoaster. This can be extremely disorienting for the mind, going up one second and down the next. We can try to blunder on and naively deal with our emotions without a foundation to keep us strong and steady rather than embracing our shadow side. Lepidolite is aware of this imbalance and collaborates with us to help us reach a state of lasting health and peaceful self-love.


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