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Green Fluorite Sphere

Green Fluorite Sphere

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When we feel uneasy and out of equilibrium in our bodies and in life in general, green fluorite is suggested. It prompts us to pause and consider whether we are ignoring our physical demands. For instance, are we overheated and mildly dehydrated? Are we exhausted from insufficient sleep or excessive work? Have we been sitting by ourselves for too long and need to get up and move? Similarly, Green Fluorite encourages us to pay attention to our bodies and take the necessary steps to soothe and repair them when we are feeling a little under the weather and have a stomachache or sore throat. Green Fluorite makes fun of us if we are acting like foolish, careless kids and exhorts us to behave like responsible adults and take care of ourselves. Fluorite is a beautiful talisman for issues with the teeth, nails, and joints in general. In particular, green fluorite is a useful talisman for easing digestive issues, enhancing posture, and increasing mobility.

Fortunately, there are many easy and simple ways to incorporate fluorite crystals into your life and fully receive their plethora of benefits. 

  • Place it in your home – Keep a fluorite crystal by your bed or on your desk to constantly clear your energy and spread gratitude and love throughout the house. Fluorite is not only a detoxifier but also incredibly attractive and makes wonderful decor.
  • Meditate with it – By meditating with their crystals, many people prefer to take advantage of their healing abilities. Fluorite can be placed on your lap, in your hands, or simply next to your body as you take some time to practice mindfulness.
  • Wear it as jewelry – Wearing jewelry made of fluorite is another easy yet entertaining method to let its properties affect you. With fluorite, you can choose from earrings, a necklace, or an energy-boosting bracelet to look and feel your best.


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