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Dragon Blood Jasper Palm Stone

Dragon Blood Jasper Palm Stone

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Dragon's blood is nicknamed the stone of courage.  When illness or other unfavorable circumstances have drained our vitality, Dragon's Blood, a body strengthener, works incredibly well to stitch the two of them together.

Its impact aids the body's efforts to spiritually cleanse the cells and blood. It is a source of prana and can assist us in discovering our inner reset so that our bodies and energy fields once again resonate with a pattern of health, stability, and mental wellbeing. Like most Jaspers, it operates gradually rather than quickly, but Dragon's Blood has outstanding potency, making it one of the most potent and active stones in this family.

It has been said that starting a new habit is the greatest method to break an old one. It is a unique skill of Dragon's Blood. Dragon's Blood provides a powerful, self-affirming model to follow when we have fallen into unhealthy, crippling patterns as a result of being buffeted by life's events, as a result of perplexity or anxiety, or as a result of self-indulgence.

In terms of our emotional growth, Dragon's Blood encourages us to gain self-assurance, a stronger will, the ability to express our feelings honestly and openly, a willingness to lend a helping hand to those in need, and the perseverance needed to bring about meaningful change in both our own lives and the world.

Dragon's Blood helps us to maintain a healthy balance physically by enhancing our endurance and tenacity. This includes weight-loss diets and workout plans.


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