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Asterite Sphere 40 mm

Asterite Sphere 40 mm

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Single Asterite Sphere (4o mm)

A sphere shape enables the gemstone to emit energy from its whole surface, symbolizing wholeness and unity. Scrying, or crystal gazing, has long been practiced using this archaic manner. The sphere can serve as a window through which we can see ourselves and the world around us more clearly.

This sphere can be applied in a number of different ways. You can arrange them in a crystal grid, roll them in your fingers to relieve stress, or scatter them over your home for Feng Shui.

Asterite is a kind of Serpentine. Its energy offers all of the advantages of Serpentine, but because of its focus on the Heart and Crown Chakras, it strengthens our connection to the Divine and Angelic realms as well as the primordial cosmic energies that underlie all of existence.


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